Designer Drapes 101

A good pair of drapes can transform a room in an instant but there is more to consider than just selecting your favorite Acacia Textiles fabric. Let us take you through some simple tips that will ensure you can achieve a designer drape look in any space.


  Curtain Width

  1. Measure the width of the bracket (not the window), this is usually about 15cm wider than the window each side (you can measure up to 50cm past the window bracket to add an element of drama to your room). 
  2. As a general rule, double the measurement above to allow for fullness in your drapes. For sheers, triple the width to achieve adequate fullness and light control.

Curtain Length

  1. To create the illusion that the window is larger or your ceilings are higher, hang your curtains 10-15cm above your window frame. 
  2. The classic floor length drape sits 1.5cm  from bottom of the floor and is the most practical option when choosing curtain length. In recent years we have noticed trends known as ‘pooling’ where the drapes are made 5-10 cm longer than the floor to give an element of drama to the room.

image via Pinterest

Curtain Styles

Another element to consider is curtain style, see the visual guide from Pinterest below.