The Fabric Mill - Here in Brisbane!

We like to think that the weaving mill is one of Brisbane’s best kept creative secrets! The mill is where creativity and mathematics merge as ideas become designs and threads are woven into fabric with calculated precision.  

Before the fabric ends up as a cushion on your lounge or drapery in your bedroom it goes through many hands in the manufacturing process, from warping, weaving, tumbling, heat setting, digital printing, packing & dispatch. Making a fabric from start to finish can take a number of weeks and usually the fabric has been in design and development trials for approximately six months before official production begins.  


Acacia Textiles takes pride in its support for Australian designed and manufactured fabrics. The Belgotex weaving mill has been operating in Brisbane for 30 years, employs 40 people and has 36 looms that run 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

If you a Brisbane local, why not get in touch and come for a tour of the mill, it is very interesting to see how fabric is made!